XP Elite Xperience™


With so many travel booking platforms, our founders thought the industry was lacking organization & a human touch.

Our technology platform anchors you to the basics of life. Don't waste time planning when you can discover the world with those you love at ease.

How It Works

XP™ Elite members unlock exclusive travel perks.

At Xplorer Pass™ we want to be your travel friend.

XP™ Elite Pass

Discover one perk voucher at each XP™ Elite location.

How It Works:

1) Purchase XP™ Elite Pass

2) Pick Your Xperience™ 🎟

3) Scan QR Code

4) Receive Perk

5) Tag Us & Leave A Review

NOTE: Locations with 🎟 are perk approved.


Discover 25 curated trip Xperiences™ that take you step by step on hand selected adventures you will never forget.

XP™ Originals

Get access to exclusive hidden gems & Xperiences™ only for XP™ Elite members around the world.

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