1) Take a River Cruise

The Douro River flows for over 500 miles from north-central Spain all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, and is the lifeblood of the region. Port wine was traditionally floated down the river in flat-bottomed boats to be cellared in Porto, but these days, much of the river traffic is cruise boats of all shapes and sizes.

2) Duoro River Train

Enjoy Stunning Scenery From the Train.

It's a good place to get some lunch with a friend and get a drink at sand city; excellent beer.”

The Park itself is beautiful as you have some wonderful views of the harbor, And I can take my dog without fear.

Great place to spend the day on a summer day - tons of free concerts and events during the summer months.

3) Savor a Port Wine Tasting

No trip to the Douro Valley is complete without tasting the drink that makes the area famous. Fortified port wine has been made there since the 17th century, and dozens of producers offer tasting experiences of one sort or another.

4) Take a Tour of the Vineyards

If you’d like to get closer to the action, some wineries and Quintas offer tours of their vineyards as well. If you’re spending the night there, a tour may be included in the price, but almost all also offer tours to day visitors for a small fee.

Be sure to book ahead by phone or email, as most don’t offer "walk-in" tours due to the need to have staff available. A few tour companies include a vineyard tour as part of their day trips, but be sure to confirm the details if this is something you want to do.

5) Take an Incredible Road Trip

The narrow, winding roads through the Douro Valley aren’t for the faint-hearted, but if you’re confident behind the wheel, it’s a spectacular drive. In fact, the N222 between Peso de Régua and Pinhão was voted the best driving road in the world by rental company Avis in 2015.

6) W.O.W - World Of Wine Museum

In centuries old Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, WOW pays homage to the region, and shines a light on the most important Portuguese industries and traditions.
But WOW is more than museums, it is an entire district full of new and exciting things to do, explore, and learn. Seven museum experiences, twelve restaurants, shops, a temporary exhibition space, an events space and a wine school.