Maria’s Pizza

Islanders and tourists alike can’t get enough of this authentic Italian pizza restaurant located in Skiathos. From iconic pizza (some with local ingredients like feta)  to delicious salad and pasta, this restaurant is a must try for any foodie!


In a traditional house in the centre of Skiathos town, situated in a garden full of trees and flowers, you will find one of the most beautiful Greek restaurants on the island

Our focus is on offering a genuine warm welcome and allowing you to create beautiful memories in the most pleasant of settings. For us the cuisine is, above all, ‘memory’, pleasure and hospitality


Marmita opened in 2013 on the island of Skiathos, serving real Greek food in an idyllic setting .We specialize in contemporary Greek cuisine and lean heavily on the use of fresh, local ingredients combined with traditional recipes to create a delicious menu full of flavor. Our aim is to take you on a journey through the authentic flavors of Greek cuisine

Ergon Skiathos

ERGON Skiathos is a seasonal franchise store on Skiathos Island. It is a Deli + Cuisine store, where you can find a wide range of artisanal Greek products and a menu that offers dishes made exclusively of these products. A great place to enjoy your brunch, paired with specialty coffee, traditionally made Greek dishes paired with wine/beer or your dinner.

Windmill Restaurant

The Windmill Restaurant is located high above Skiathos Town. The windmill, originally built in 1880, is one of the oldest buildings on Skiathos. It was a working mill until 1946, and was carefully restored to a restaurant in the 1990s. Our tables are situated on different levels, overlooking the magical Aegean and nearby islands, providing one of the most beautiful 360 degree panoramic views you’ll ever experience in a restaurant.

Our sittings begin at 18.45hrs with the last sitting at 21.30hrs. Bookings are recommended, particularly for our honeymoon table.

Infinity Blue

Infinity Blue Skiathos Restaurant is a balcony on the waves. Build in the tints of the sea, beholds towards the sunset every evening. When the sun leans towards the horizon, the wave takes its unique color with a thousand tints, different and unique every night. The air fills with scents and the salty smell awakens the senses. Then the moments are filled with tastes, colors and scents. Here the visitor can enjoy original Greek dishes, knownInternational dishes, and a unique variety of local fishery. All recipes are made with selected fine ingredients and a unique way of cooking, as is our specialty, the worldwide known fresh, delicious lobster-pasta. Here in Infinity Blue restaurant, wines from our rich cellar  become pleasure and our service is hospitality.