Chapter One

Bringing together Mickael Viljanen’s energy and passion with Ross Lewis’s experience and mentoring expertise, the new era at Chapter One aims to create one of the most unique dining experiences in Ireland.

The merging of cultures, alliances, suppliers and teams will bring the restaurant to the next level, with a strong focus on excellence in a clean, modern style.

Chapter One’s celebrated welcome awaits all guests, who can immerse themselves in a luxurious dining room for an exceptional dining expe

Restaurant Patrick Guilaud

Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud is a two Michelin star restaurant in Dublin city centre beside the 5 star Merrion Hotel. The cuisine is contemporary Irish with French classical roots and it is acclaimed both nationally and internationally.

Dede at the Customs House

Dede is led by Chef Ahmet Dede, it is a unique culinary creation from local ingredients and takes inspiration from his Turkish heritage.

OX Belfast

The seasons are set as nature intended, imagination and creativity help bring them to life.

With an enthusiastic approach to seasonality, OX works every day to bring you the best possible dining experience.


Lignum is Latin for wood and it’s the ancient method of cooking over an open flame which takes centre stage here. The creative tasting menu shows a real understanding of how to get the best from ingredients and dishes are packed with complementary textures and flavours. Bedrooms are coming soon.


As a restaurant, Liath is not just one person but a group of likeminded individuals who prize the spirit of togetherness and community above all else. With just a handful of tables, it makes for a personal dining experience, with Damien Grey and his small team explaining the dishes personally to their guests.


Celebrating what can be sown and harvested, fished and foraged on the island of Ireland,Aimsiris a passionate advocate for an authentic range of ..