Piazza Platia

Piazza Platia is centrally located in Skopelos Town. It offers particularly delicious and tasty pizzas with excellent dough and premium raw ingredients. In fact, extra special tastes in the pizzas are created by the mixture of cheeses they use. The spaghetti is just as delicious and the salads are fresh. This is ideal for great food in great quantities!


Pizzeria Gousto is located in the picturesque alleys inside Skopelos Chora. In fact, Gousto is in the old cooperative of the olive oil factory in an amazing courtyard. Furthermore, Pizzeria Gousto offers a variety of flavors and choices and more. The menu also includes hamburgers, fresh salads, delicious pasta, and tasteful sandwiches.

Stafilos Restaurant

Stafilos Restaurant is a family-run business that has acquired many loyal customers over the past 5 years. We keep our food true to its Greek roots and authentic by using local ingredients as much as we can. Our cuisine has a mixture of sea-food and grilled meats as well as more traditional Greek flavors.

Olivo Restaurant

Olivo Restaurant is an amazing restaurant in Skopelos Town, very close to Skopelos Port. Olivo offers a unique dining atmosphere.  It has a lovely garden with olives, romantic lighting, and excellent music. The trained staff is very friendly and the food is delicious! It is friendly for vegetarian diets as well. In addition, it has a fantastic wine selection and great desserts!

Finikas Restaurant

Finikas Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a meal in the old Town of Skopelos. It has been operating since 1989 and is located in the old OTE Building in a picturesque alley. This restaurant has all the glamour of a traditional Greek Taverna. Here you can enjoy traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes!