Agios Ioannis Church

The Agios Ioannis Church is a stunning sight to see. Carved into the rocks towering over the sea, it is a must see attraction. This church is a popular place for any Mamma Mia fans, as it is the church where Sophie had her wedding!

Mamma Mia and Skopelos Highlights- The Tour of the Island

Our day sets off at 09.00 driving along the West coast of the island and then across to visit the beautiful Saint John’s Chapel also known as the MAMMA MIA wedding church. There you get some free time to walk up the 199 steps or to enjoy a soft drink in the nearby coffee place. Later you will learn about Skopelos virgin olive oil, making a short stop at the Stamatiou olive press.

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach in the Bay of Panormos is a beautiful pebble beach. Swimming is great because the water deepens almost immediately. This is possibly the only beach in Skopelos that has dark blue waters, as the other beaches have turquoise waters! As the name suggests, “Panormos Beach” has a great view. In fact, You might see a beach named Panormos on every Greek Island. Panormos Beach has a great view of the natural port  “Blo” and stellar sunsets.

Skopelos Town (Chora)

Skopelos Town, also known as Chora, is a traditional town on the north of the island. The town of Skopelos has declared a traditional settlement. It is built amphitheatrically and extends from the castle (Kastro) down to the port. At the edge of Chora you can see the popular church, Panagitsga of Pyrgos, above Plaka Beach. From the Chora of Skopelos, the Island of Alonissos and Ai Giorgis can be seen. The houses are tightly one next to the other creating a maze of cobbled streets.Among them are numerous churches, signifying the devotion of the people to their religion. Peeking through the white walls you will see lovely groomed courtyards. Bougainvillea and geraniums give color to the walkways and paths.

Kastani Beach

This beautiful sandy beach with clear water has a starring role in the Hollywood movie, Mamma Mia. In fact, on Kastani Beach, the sandiest beach on the island, many of the movie’s scenes were shot. Due to this fact, Kastani is the most popular sight in Skopelos.