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Barolo Restaurant
Barolo Restaurant
Barolo Restaurant
Barolo Restaurant

Barolo Restaurant

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Named after one of the greatest Italian wines, often described as having aromas of tar and roses, Barolo could be portrayed as a gastronomy paradise in the hypnotic blue of the Aegean Sea. Located in Santorini, the so-called ‘’supermodel’’ of the Cyclades archipelago, Barolo restaurant excites our senses and offers a unique culinary experience based on authentic Mediterranean gastronomy. Overlooking the volcano and surrounded by white washed traditional buildings, Barolo serves a sense of peace and an unforgettable mesmerizing scenery.

The exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, led by Aggelos Manousakis, a charismatic executive chef and a master of harmony that allows his personality and passion to shine through every plate, Barolo is honouring the dynamics of the Mediterranean cuisine. The dishes combined with the aromatic and refreshing wines of Santorini, create an intimate atmosphere and evoke potent feelings and emotions. 

The main goal is to offer unique culinary creations along with an unforgettable hospitality experience.

By choosing the finest ingredients and by creating a warm environment, Barolo commits to quality and offers superb dishes that cover every desire. The simplicity of the Mediterranean cuisine along with Manousaki’s creativity lead to recipes which open our senses to a new world of gastronomy experiences.


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