Pig Beach

Pig Beach located on Big Major Cay is a beach on an uninhabited island located in Exuma, the Bahamas. The island takes its unofficial name from the fact that it is populated by a colony of feral pigs which live on the island. It has become a tourist attraction in modern times.

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Kamalame Cay


A 96-acre cay in the heart of the Bahamas, Kamalame's signature blend of laid back chic and fine dining comes wrapped in tropical beauty and pristine deserted beaches

Pink Sands Beach

Harbour Island is most renowned for its beautiful Pink Sand Beach, located along its eastern Atlantic Ocean side. It almost seems endless, stretching for some three plus miles, and it is 50 to 100 feet wide.


Blending island indulgence with organic luxury, the only overwater spa in the Bahamas offers a unique wellness experience. Centered on custom treatments and the finest marine-based ingredients, our certified organic OSEA products are rich in bioavailable seaweed, infused with essential oils, and free of synthetic parabens, and sulfates. Enjoy an array of holistic Beauty and Body therapies—facials, massage, exfoliation, and wraps—as the sound of the waves and sweeping ocean views connect you with the natural environment.

Compass Cay Sharks

Swim with Nurse Sharks at the Compass Cay Marina on a Bahamas Day Tour to the Exumas. Whilst in the most part harmless to humans, these gracious marine animals have been acclimatised to visitors for many years and are known as pet sharks by the Marina’s owners.

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Makers Air is the premier airline with daily Bahamas flights. Our goal is to connect passengers to paradise, crafting a flight experience that brings reliable, memorable, and convenient getaways to our customers.

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Enjoy snorkeling, water activities, custom boat rides to Rose Island & more!

Love Beach

On the north shore past Gambier Village, Love Beach is the site of the famous Compass Point resort owned by the man who made Bob Marley a household word - recording mogul Chris Blackwell. It also happens to be a prime destination for snorkeling, boasting a 40-acre coral reef a mile offsore.

Cabbage Beach

Popular, resort-adjacent white-sand stretch for walking, swimming, snorkeling & sunbathing

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