Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts
Black Tree Resorts

Black Tree Resorts

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Xplorer Pass™ Perks

The BLACK TREE State of Mind is experienced when we are wholly present, aware of both those we are with, and the beauty that surrounds us. It’s where we are free from daily routines and invited into the tranquility of the outdoors. It’s where the night sky becomes a theater for conversation and connection. It’s where peace and rest can take residence, and where one can find both solitude and connectedness.

Black Tree is a luxury outdoor resort that crafts customized and comfortable camping adventures for active families, groups and couples who want to reconnect to what is most important. Experience the “Black Tree State of Mind” as we take care of everything, so you don’t have to. We curate your ideal Luxury Camping experience with modern conveniences and ease.

This is not a “campground”… BLACK TREE is a study in contrasts. It’s where rustic-modern lives amidst the trees. We don’t compete with nature, we complement her, ultimately giving our guests the best of both worlds. Unlike traditional campgrounds, where neighboring sites are right next to each other, our tents are thoughtfully spaced with privacy in mind. Enjoy a camping experience that’s all your own.


The Xplorer Pass™ offers access to exclusive hidden gems and unique Xperiences™ around the world with unbeatable travel perks for its members. We believe travel should excite the soul, so we created the ultimate platform to "Xplore" the world with NO SERVICE FEES.

What sets Us Apart?

Unlike other destination travel sites that have expensive booking and service fees attached, Xplorer Pass™ puts that money back into your pocket and the local communities, by eliminating that service fee and booking directly. 

Xplorer Pass™ aims to curate the world's best hidden gems & Xperiences™ all in one seamless platform. Providing strategic partnerships for our community, saving time & money.  

Never again will you feel lost in a new city. 


A “Hidden Gem” property offers guests something more than just a pillow to rest their head at night. It can be high-end or inexpensive, private home, bed & breakfast, cabin or treehouse. Whether it’s modern or rustic, urban, waterfront or a charming country abode, it must ultimately offer guests a unique stay and a one-of-a-kind Xperiences™ only a local would know about.

We are looking to partner with you via our Xplorer Pass Ambassador™ program to help give you a way to monetize your travels around the world with our platform.

A community of true explorers, who share first hand knowledge of their travels so others can enjoy!  Think you have some hidden gems to share?

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As a host property, you’ll be featured within our community of “Hidden Gems” for our members to book with directly! Xplorer Pass™ puts money back into your pocket by eliminating those expensive service fees that your guests must unnecessarily pay.

Host properties also will receive ONLINE TRAFFIC as part of our platform. We actively promote to our members new places to stay, new local Xperiences™ that drive guests to locations they might not have found themselves. Let us know why your property is a hidden gem and we will make it known!

NOTE: Not everyone qualifies to be an Xplorer Pass™ Host. Each location is handpicked!

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